Stop International Fraud in Real-time

Taking action as the incident occurs

What is the IRSF threat?

International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) is one of the toughest and most persistent types of revenue fraud challenges that operators face. It accounts for 28% of the losses incurred by industry players, amounting to $10 billion annually.

Since the fraudsters know that the attack will likely be detected within a few hours, they try to make as many calls and generate as many voice minutes as possible before the number is blocked. Nevertheless, even within these few hours, hundreds of thousands of dollars can be lost. The only way to stop IRSF is to gain real-time visibility into roaming behavior patterns and be able to stop the fraud immediately – within minutes, not hours.

Detect, Act, and prevent fraud in real-time

Starhome Mach is in a unique position to detect and prevent IRSF attacks in real-time. Our presence in the networks of operators worldwide enables us to serve as a proxy, where our solution monitors all calls, and matches them to IRSF activity patterns to detect and block the attack in real-time.

The solution has flexible blocking capabilities to enable your analysts to determine the most appropriate course of action and avoid blocking legitimate callers.

To stop crucial fraud incidents, you must act immediately. We enable you to do so based on real-time insights in a matter of minutes as the incident occurs.


Stop fraudsters. Protect revenues. Assure customer experience

With our solution you can create customizable blocking rules, ensuring quality of service for legitimate subscribers and assuring customers’ experience. In addition, with real-time action you can prevent hundreds of thousands of dollars in IRSF related fraud and overcome one of the most challenging fraud phenomena facing the telecoms industry today.


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