Stop Wangiri Fraud in Real-time

Take real-time action to reduce financial exposure

The Wangiri Threat

No operator is immune to Wangiri fraud. From the Japanese word for “one ring,” Wangiri involves the use of autodiallers to make thousands to hundreds of thousands (or more) calls to the subscriber base, with one ring (hence the name), leaving a missed call notification on their mobile phones. The calling line identity (CLI) is carefully chosen to make it seem as though the originating number is local, to draw the curious subscriber to call back. However, the source number is actually not local, and is generally associated with a high termination overseas rate. So, when the subscriber calls back, high charges will be incurred.

The Wangiri attack bears complex implications for the operator and subscriber who is charged expensive rates for the overseas call. Moreover, there are the additional costs of handling complaints and refunds at the contact center. Above all, there is the bad publicity in social media and national news that has a serious impact on the brand reputation and trust. While some operators may detect Wangiri call fraud by performing statistical analysis of Call Detail Records (CDRs), this is not effective for mitigating the risk and reducing the potential financial loss. This is because this analysis takes time and/or may be performed after the fact. Preventing Wangiri fraud requires a real-time solution.

Only A Real-time Solution Can Stop the Attack

Starhome Mach provides operators with a solution for the real-time detection and prevention of Wangiri fraud. With our unique access to network data, we continually monitor all incoming calls, and run advanced analytics to recognize anomalies in call patterns. Real-time detection and action reduces the impact of a Wangiri attack to a few tens of subscriber. It takes less than a minute from when the attack begins to take real-time action to halt the attack


Reducing financial exposure. Increasing customer loyalty

With the Starhome Mach real-time fraud solution, operators can avoid the damage of a Wangiri attack, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars, avoiding customer dissatisfaction, and protecting the brand. Taking this strategic action in less than one minute of an attack being launched, vs. the usual 2-6 hours, protects customers’ experience and saves hundreds of thousands of dollars.


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