Our Value Promise

A message from our CEO

At the heart of everything we do at Starhome Mach is a single-minded mission to deliver the innovative solutions and services that enable our customers with a simple and easy path to value. Hear from Itai Margalit, our CEO – about the three pillars of our value promise to you.

  • Real-time access to network, subscriber and inter-operator data, further to our deep presence in the networks of over 300 operators worldwide;
  • Real-time insights, turning raw data into accessible information that is meaningful for the business units and actionable for stakeholders;
  • Taking real-time actions, automatically and on-demand, to carry out immediate changes to maximize revenues, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and prevent fraud.

Our value promise is built on a unique combination of three core capabilities:


Committed to delivering unmatched value

“All of us at Starhome Mach, from those who partner directly with our customers on a daily basis, to those working tirelessly behind the scene – are committed to delivering unmatched value. We believe that this value necessitates the winning combination of having access to relevant and strategic information from the network, extracting valuable and actionable insights in real time, and enabling you to immediately take the actions you need to drive revenues or mitigate risk. We are proud to be leading this industry in this area and will continue investing all our efforts to deliver ongoing innovation to our customers.”

Shounit Swissa, VP Products, Presales and Marketing.