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Detect IoT permanent roaming

Billions of connected devices in a state of permanent roaming

The proliferation and worldwide shipment of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is continually increasing, with cellular based connections expected to reach billions by 2021. As the Internet of Things presents operators with new markets and opportunities, the need to identify IoT devices and the corresponding traffic is becoming a primary concern for operators.

The challenge for operators is to detect IoT permanent roaming, prevent network overload and monetize the roaming traffic.

Turning IoT permanent roaming into an opportunity

Starhome Mach delivers the visibility required by operators to maximize the business outcomes of IoT permanent roaming. Our solution processes the network and clearing data, correlating information from different sources and uses advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities to detect customer origin, how long he is using the network, IMEI and more. This enables end- to-end detection and immediate action.

We enable you to then make data-driven decisions and take actions in real-time, such as steering out loss-generating subscribers, taking a service-specific action if needed, throttling usage, and making service profile changes.


Protect Revenues. Decrease costs.

As a result, we enable you to acquire full control of IoT device permanent roaming. You can better protect the VPMN network and reduce the impact of non-profitable devices. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of permanent roaming – such as better coverage, while decreasing costs and protecting revenues.


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